Get Involved

  • Consider what next steps you as a school, business, or community can do to promote Exploring further.

  • Share contacts that may be interested in partnering in Exploring.

  • Support Exploring through involvement, financially, or host programming.

Career Exploring Models

  1. Traditional Exploring Program
    • This is the traditional Exploring model where a business hosts students for 4-6 sessions (60-90 min each). These sessions can occur at any frequency. For example, once a month for 6 months or every Tuesday for 6 weeks. Involves hands-on experiences while learning about the career field.
  2. Year- Round Program
    • Business chooses to volunteer their time to hold programming all year round (at least once a month). Involves hands-on experiences while learning about the career field.
  3. Career Exploring Speakers
    • Volunteer your time to share with students about your career and experience. This is about a 20 minute commitment.
  4. Career Exploring Business Experience
    • Businesses volunteer their time to host students during the school day. The school partners with Exploring to schedule time for their students to interact with local businesses on site. This involves a tour and a hands-on activity that enhances their learning about the business. (1-3 hour commitment)
  5. Career Exploring Summer Boot Camp
    • A business or a group chooses a time during the summer to give students the opportunity to learn about a specific career field. The boot camp is held every day for a week or on one weekend.
  6. Career Exploring Day
    • Career Exploring partners with the school to put on an interactive career day for students. Career Exploring brings in career representatives from the community to interact with students.

Each model is supported and scheduled with the Career Exploring Executive. If you are interested in getting involved and impacting student’s career development, contact Gwen Heiman at 715-832-6671 or